A place called “Home”

Hello beautiful souls, Finally I have made some time to get back to blogging. Life becomes too busy at times and in this rut we forget to do the things that make us happy.

Funny thing, we do our daily work no matter what circumstances may take place but we rarely take the effort to set aside a portion of our time to indulge into activities that gives contentment to our heart and peace to our thoughts.

Today I have this short poem up on Home. A place that exists wherever our loved ones gather, a place that we can carry in our hearts, a place of love- a place of our own.

Mau God bless our home and our loved ones and we always be grateful for our togetherness.

Little moments of joy

Home Gardening.

Hobbies and interests helps people to put their talents and experiments into use. We are often deviated towards accepting those activities in our life that gives us a sense of peace along with the accomplishment of work.

Home gardening is something that my Dad loves to do. It surely takes a lot of hard work but truly the results are often mesmerising and beautiful. I love watching the gardening process and find that nature gives a calm effect to us as we are always in a rush in do everything in our life.

Today I have shared a video of my chilli plant. Plucking some chillies from my home grown plant gave me an immense level of satisfaction and joy. Though it is a very simple act but the emotion of nourishing and nurturing a plant and then to see it bear fruits is different kind of feeling to experience.

I find Nature as one of the greatest therapy for our extremely busy lives.

What’s your inexpensive therapy? Let me know in the comments section. Hope you have a great day today!😊